The Caribbean, a place like no other

The typically warm, turquoise waters and idyllic islands of the Caribbean are a haven for travellers from far and wide, and much-loved by the locals.

Comprising the islands of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, the Caribbean is nestled between North and South America, with some of its islands bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Made up of over 700 islands and land formations, the Caribbean offers a rich and varied culture and heritage, divided into 30 territories including sovereign states and oversees dependencies.

Many of the islands have been occupied by the Spanish, Dutch, French and British at the height of their maritime empires, with many frequently changing hands over the course of several hundred years. It is these colonial influences that have shaped the islands, their lifestyle and culture and help to provide such a vibrant backdrop to your holiday.

It’s also the people on the islands that help to make it special. The famous laid-back atmosphere and welcoming hospitality mean that wherever you go you will be guaranteed a great time.

The Caribbean climate

The Caribbean climate is distinctly tropical, with a dry and a wet season, although rainfall is not uncommon at any time of the year. Trade winds commonly blow off the Atlantic and act to moderate the climate in the eastern chains of islands. Sunshine is enjoyed year-round with temperatures fluctuating slightly but remaining around 85°F (29°C). The waters are also consistently balmy, with an annual average temperature of 27°C.

The sparkling sea is home to an abundance of marine life including fish, turtles and coral formations, fringed by pristine white sandy beaches on the Caribbean shores of the islands. These calm waters and bays are perfect for families to relax and enjoy the beautiful views and gently lapping waves. The Atlantic coastlines are home to coves and perfect for wind-based sports and surfing. The generally bigger waves are great for confident swimmers and watersports enthusiasts. Out of the water there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy too, with tennis and golf particular favourites, not least because of the number of well-known and championship golf courses dotted around the islands.

Your home away from home

Thanks to the incredible diversity of the islands and the hotels, we are able to cater for any requirements and tailor-make your Caribbean experience from start to finish. From romantic getaways for couples, to family holidays in the sun, or sizeable weddings with 30+ guests looking for a great price, the Caribbean genuinely has something for everyone. Our first-hand experience and expert knowledge mean we can help you choose your perfect holiday, from advising you on potential destination choices, to shortlisting hotels and rooms and recommending places to eat or excursions to try. Everything from start to finish is handled by us, leaving you to get on with the important things like digging out your sandals and buying a new bikini.

This is your luxury Caribbean break and it’s safe in our hands. Get in touch today to tell us how we can make your holiday dreams come true.