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Firstly, here at Simply Caribbean Holidays, we take tremendous pride in our knowledge of the Caribbean Islands. We dedicate ourself to the service of our clients, putting every effort into making your dream Caribbean holiday a reality.

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The Caribbean is like no other place on Earth. The pristine beaches, friendly locals, and delicious cuisine of the Caribbean are well known in popular culture, but in reality the Islands have so much more to offer. It is a rich, vibrant mix of culture, history, ecology, geology, and yes, immaculate beaches. There are more beaches in the Caribbean than are possible to experience in one lifetime, let alone one trip, so let us be your guide to this beautiful tapestry of life.

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We Are, Simply, The Caribbean Specialists

Because we specialize in luxury Caribbean holidays, we have an unrivalled knowledge of and passion for the region. As an independent travel specialist, we provide a fully flexible service that is designed to meet your individual needs; we take time to get to know you and understand exactly the kind of Caribbean holiday you want, and we’ll go out of our way to make it happen. We promise that you will have the time of your life when you book a break through us. It’s no surprise that our clients come back to us year after year.

Unforgettable Caribbean Holiday Experiences

The difference between a good vacation and a great vacation is all in the details. Here at Simply Caribbean, we treat your holiday just like our own. We also put our specialist knowledge to work enhancing your experience, crafting your itinerary with care, being attentive to your needs and wants, and delivering something that, if we’ve done our jobs correctly, you will remember for the rest of your life. In addition, we offer a wide range of accommodation options; from luxurious villas fit for the whole family, to boutique hotels oozing with charm and sophistication. Our team has visited each property personally, and through our dozens of years of combined experience, we have cultivated close relationships with the owners and managers. You can trust us to find the right Caribbean holiday for you. We love the Caribbean, because there truly is something for everybody:


Unforgettable Landscapes

Nature lovers can bask in the stunning natural beauty of the islands. With an ecological melting pot as your playground, you will find tropical rainforests and warm seas teeming with life. Why not take a whale watching tour to witness the many species that call the Caribbean home? Furthermore, take a SCUBA course at one of the many PADI certified dive centers at our partner hotels and explore the world famous coral reefs surrounding the islands, or hike to the top of the UNESCO certified Piton mountains of St. Lucia, also home to the world’s only “drive-thru” volcano.


Unforgettable People

The Caribbean is famous for it’s colourful and welcoming culture. Immerse yourself in the numerous street fairs that take place year round, such as the Crop Over festival in Barbados, Spicemas in Grenada, and also St. Lucia Carnival. Explore the fascinating and complex history of the islands at local museums, and treat yourself to spectacular local cuisine and renowned Caribbean hospitality. For a more personal touch, we can recommend and book a variety of excursions, private tours, and other experiences that bring the islands to life.


Unforgettable Adventures

Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the Caribbean’s many golf courses, indulge in sunset horseback rides along the beach, take private mountain biking tours, and zipline above lush rainforests. To say that there are endless possibilities for the active traveller in the Caribbean is an understatement, and we can help you book the perfect active holiday. However, the recovery is just as important as the activity! Pamper yourself in world-class spas, join guided yoga and stretching courses, and let the aroma of sweet spices lead you into a state of unparalleled bliss.


Unforgettable Romance with Simply Caribbean Holidays

Finally, speaking of bliss, we would love to hear about your wedding and honeymoon plans! Bright, sunny days and moonlit beaches will serve as the backdrop of your most special day. The Caribbean has always been synonymous with romance, and the team a Simply Caribbean will work with our hotel partners to make your Caribbean wedding fantasy a reality.

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